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A Free ATC Platform designed by&for Air Traffic Controllers 

A new aviation era is coming which requires a safer, eco-friendly and sustainable worldwide air traffic management ecosystem. To build this future together, we are putting the end-users, the air traffic controllers, in the driving seat, prioritizing their operational expertise and know-how in the design and development of a unique ATC platform.

By joining the Community, you will live a new experience being connected to ATCOs all over the world and getting  a free of charge access to the ATC platform we are joinly building.


What we are building.

Access to information and technology is paramount in air traffic management. Air-Traffic-Control.io is a free of charge cloud-based platform available to any air traffic controller in the world providing one air situation display with the necessary information and tools (airspace, air traffic, flight trajectories, weather, clearance entry, electronic coordination, performance-based navigation, letter of agreement, safety nets...)

Collaborative Decision Making

Flexible Collaborative Platform

Connecting people is key to making great things happen. Air-Traffic-Control.io is an advanced platform leveraging a community of open-minded and passionate air traffic controllers all over the world. Our mission is clear:  make the future for ATCOs a more collaborative and less stressful experience.

Eco-Friendly Decision Aids

Eco-friendly operations is a must going forward.. but the right balance must be struck between environment and capacity. Air-Traffic-Control.io supports air traffic controllers in making eco-friendly decisions, minimizing CO2 and NOx emissions and reducing condensation trails. Air-Traffic-Control.io enables optimized flight trajectories coordinated between air traffic controllers and pilots to minimize the environmental impact of aviation without decreasing capacity. 



Because Air Traffic Controllersknow-how matters ❤️

"The idea of getting everyone talking and building an ATC platform from the ground up by and for air traffic controllers could be game changing in our profession.

Air traffic controllers are committed to making their industry more efficient and more sustainable but, for that, tools need to be developed with the end-user at the centre so safety, capacity, environmental performance and cost-efficiency can be increased without compromises. The best way to achieve that is with a bottom-up approach, where controllers define and help develop the functionalities they need. This is as close as it can get in the ATM industry to the startup phenomenon we have seen in other industries, where those on the shop floor, with the practical expertise and know-how, have gone on to create revolutionary concepts and ideas which have changed their industry forever."

Luis B. - Air Traffic Controller

Luis B.United Kingdom

Pavol S.Slovakia

Anthony A.Singapore

Tom L.Denmark

Anicet C.Ivory Coast

KijeonSouth Korea

Nadia B.Congo

Luis Miguel S.Dominican Republic

Jasser L. Tunisia

Angel Augusto J.Dominican Republic

Breydys T.
Dominican Republic

Timothy A.Uganda

And hundreds more...


Our partners 🫶

ADS-B Exchange


World's largest source of unfiltered flight data

Live air traffic



European Network Manager B2B Web Services

US Federal Aviation AdministrationSystem Wide Information Management


The Team Behind the Scenes ✌️

Areski H.
FullStack Dev/Growth

Volodia L.FullStack Dev

Clément B.FullStack Dev

Thomas B.

Sawlou S.UX

Sylvain M.FullStack Dev


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